Bleach TCG: Top 10 Portal Cards

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And we’re back for a long overdue top 10 for the Portal set. Portal has set the bar beyond what Bleach players have been used to. It has taken bleach to new levels as is the demand to match new threats on the horizon. Akin to learning shikai, we now have to master our bankai with the power Portal offers. Some strategies are now passe as the name of the game now is free. Without further adieu, here are the top 10 portal cards:

Number 10: Toshiro – Icy

Toshiro – Icy would have been much higher on the list had it not been for the errata for Toshiro – Ready for Action. Nevertheless, the ability to hold down the opposing board and the opportunity to freely attack twice will make this card stay strong in the tourney scene, and probably the most powerful card among the cards in the subset. Just make sure he doesn’t get reality checked in the crucial moment.




Bleach TCG: Turtle in A Tuxedo

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Tuxedo In a Turtle Suit:

A Mod Soul’s Story



My name is Noba, you’ll hear quite little from this turtle server

Kurodo and Lirin will be my best friends forever.

Lirin is the one you’ll notice that’s quite chatty

But the costume changes she can whip are quite pretty.

Kurodo is a bunny that looks like a purse

Cute as he is, he thinks this is a cruel curse.


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Bleach TCG: XP Squad 8 Regionals

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Squad 8 Regionals Report


Last 17th of January, 8 Soul Reapers gathered for the monthly Regionals in the battleground of XP. It was to see who would be worth of becoming Captain of the 8th Squad. Each of us brought our own army to prove our mettle in this tournament. Four of those gathered were already captains of their own respective squad. They were Icy “Cruboy” Cruel of 1st Squad, Peter “Lionboy” of 5th Squad, King “Graymalkin” Mahino of the 6th Squad and yours truly, Captain of our Region’s Squad 7. I had chosen to employ the services of Toshiro and Rangiku for the upcoming contest.


Toshiro Hitsugiya by KyubiVizard.


The other remaining 4 participants would have to prove their worth in bearing the title of Squad 8 Captain. Ron “Taleweaver” Ramos brought Byakuya to guide his purist Squad 6 team. Pete “Blitz” Tan had a curved up Toshiro Squad 10 build. Mark “Ozawabinladen” Padua stayed loyal with the Family deck, getting the helping from Kisuke. And the last entrant was Dennis “Lost” Ching who brough along Rukia with Mods in Tow.  

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Bleach TCG: Portal Squad 11

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Squad 12 Data Log 1-16-09

Ah, yes…

Interesting. The Bounto have learned to unlock the Portal to Soul Society. The data i could extract from them will be invaluable to my research. A lot may be intimidated by the flood of information suddenly available to them, but I, Korutsuchi, will place this to good use. Good use indeed.

It seems with the challenge the Bounts have posed against Soul Society have raised the bar. The spirit energy of the Squad led by Kenpachi Zaraki has spiked in the charts. His rise from obscurity to claim the seat of Captain in Squad 11 has been well known. Cruel he may appear, he lives to fight and fight he will. While Enjoying Himself, Kenpachi has led his troops to victory. Yumichika, on the team, has proven to be better than his rarely dazzling countenance. It seems the Squad 11 HQ will prove an impenetrable fortress against the invading bounts.

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VS: The Hunt for Weopon X

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Page transmittal…….

Weapon X Program……

Mission: Retrieval of Rogue Weapon X member Wolverine

Objective: Assemble team of Hunters

Hunter Profiles…..


Subject: Spider-Man<>The Spider, Earth-15

Analysis: Plucking the Carnage/Spider-Man symbiote is better served by letting him remain in the shifted zone as a safety precaution for the members of the strike team

Subject: Mesmero, Vincent

Analysis: Mesmero plays along quite nicely by screwing up any combat tricks our target might have up his sleeve until captured.


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VS: Shifted In Time: Exiles

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Target Earth: Earth-VS

Timebroker notes:
Some timelines need to be fixed. We are already in the process of acquiring members of the team to best repair damages to said timeline. It has come to my attention that the exiles are best when the shifts are done early in the game for a midgame barrage. At the crux of our plans is Blink, Earth 295, Clarice Ferguson.

Blink has the ability to accelerate the shift potential of our recruits to jump into the action en masse. For this reason, we have chosen her to lead the strikeforce composed of:

1. Elsie Dee
2. Mimic, Earth 12
3. Mystique<>Mystiq
4. Nocturne
5. Sage

Note that should we be able to pluck these individuals early on, including Blink, our plan is to shift them in the 1st 2 rounds of combat. Only on the 3rd turn do we reveal our strategy.


VS: Marauders ~ Mutant Massacre

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X-Men #203 by The Black Womb.


The Marauders  gained their notoriety when they committed the Mutant Massacre. They came into the Morlock tunnels with guns blazing and out for blood. They quickly established themselves as the most evil SoB’s this side of mutant town by wiping off most of the Morlocks.

Long overdue to appear in VS card form, they’ve finally arrived to give the X-teams a run for their money. They are your army of assassins.

 The Marauders theme benefit with having the opposing board stunned. If i were to compose my own Marauder strikeforce, the following members would be part of the team.

Mystique, Raven is a staple in most legend decks. It would work well with Carrying the Torch or legend decks like Jean Grey and Wolverine, AoA. Moving up the curve, we have Mr. Sinister, Famine. He’s concealed optional and can shut down a character’s activated ability safely in the hidden zone.

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